Rheingold Capital® pursues direct investments for the Tucano Group. We are an industrial holding company that works with a reliable team of experienced and hands-on investors. We are headquartered in Switzerland  and our office locations cover Central, Western and Southern Europe. Our strategic core is the acquisition of businesses that possess significant potential for strategic and/or operational improvements. We seek to buy and own non-core businesses from corporations and work along with management teams across Europe on sustainable long term improvements for our businesses. Our experience spans across the globe: Europe, the Americas and Asia. We focus on manufacturing, service and distribution businesses that have lost their lackluster but possess a viable core, a loyal customer base and a competitive positioning. Our team has been a trusted partner for large corporate sellers and buyers in 20+ transactions over the past decades, resulting in numerous references from our transaction partners of  past divestitures. Management teams prefer working with us as we create a perfect alignment of interest, and our seasoned operations team also supports management teams’ bandwidth and/or broadens the areas of expertise.